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Garage Door Opener Wi-Fi Enabled? Yes, Please!

As technology has improved and enhanced nearly every aspect of our lives, it has even gone to the traditional industries that you may have not considered years ago. Smart homes and smart devices make add the power of connectivity to everything we do. Yes, the service industry including garage doors has been affected.

Garage Door with Wi-Fi

Garage door openers have changed over the years. In fact today, the option now exists to easily control your garage door with the comfort and ease of your smartphone. Conveniently, today you don’t even have to worry about where you are, you can easily open or close your garage door with the simplicity of a quick hand motion. Also you will no longer have to worry about where your garage door remote happens to be. If you’ve never thought about electric garage door openers before, here are a few important points to consider and questions to be answered.

How long does a garage door opener last?

Estimates on a garage door openers longevity clearly is based around usage. However, experts believe that the average garage door should last between 15-30 years. Components that may affect the garage door’s longevity include: construction quality, maintenance, and the effects of weather. In our experience automatic, garage door openers normally provide 10-15 years of reliable service.

What makes a Wi-Fi enabled garage door opener so special?

The Wi-Fi enabled feature of the garage door definitely has the cool factor going for it. However there are more practical uses as well. It adds another layer of convenience to open or close your garage door. And, should you be away from home, through the garage door app you can easily check to see if you accidentally left your garage door open.

Does it cost more to get a Wi-Fi enabled garage door opener?

Not really, as these are becoming more commonplace the price has dropped significantly.

How do I get one?

Think no further than giving Accent Garage Doors a call to get that set up. Give us a call  for more information. Accent Garage Doors, a Utah-based and Wasatch Front serving company, specializes in all things relating to your garage door. Our talented technicians enjoy vast experience that is unparalleled in the industry.

When you think garage doors, think Accent Garage Doors.

Market Report: Garage Door Manufacturing

IBIS World indicates that as of February 2017 the garage door manufacturing industry totaled $4 billion across the United States. Demand from 2012 to 2017 grew at 6.6% with future prospects looking promising.

garage door manufacturing

Comparatively, the United States Gross Domestic Product grew at an annualized rate of around 2.0% over the same period. The number of housing starts, demand from commercial building construction, and continued demand for remodeling are all forecasted to increase. Additionally, raw material prices (e.g. steel and wood) will be more stable, improving industry profit margins.

More Options for Customers

Garage door service companies benefit from the continuing expansion of garage door manufacturing by being able to offer expanded options to customers and assisting builders with the next generation of homes.

IBIS World further indicates that the garage door installation companies stand poised to grow as well. Improved housing and continued demand from home improvement projects will drive revenue and growth. New housing will be the predominant drive. IBIS indicates that annualized growth included 1.4% from the 2012 to 2017 time period on total industry revenues of $422 million.

Garage door installation industry operators install garage doors and garage openers, provide maintenance and repair services for garage doors and remove existing garage doors and opener mechanisms. The garage door installation industry typically experiences improvement in revenue due to increased consumer spending, residential investment and commercial building activity. A five year lookback indicates that spending on residential improvements and construction has grown at an annualized rate of 6.0%. When consumer confidence began to return following the economic downturn, spending on garage door installation services will improve as consumers replace garage doors. Consumers will continue to use industry operators for their repair and maintenance services.

Garage Doors Are in Demand

The United States Census reports that garages continue to be in demand. In 2015, 648,000 single family houses were built. Of those 91% had at least a one car garage. 61% had a two car garage and 24% had a three car garage. Nationally, new construction has continued to favor the construction of a garage. Since 1993 the total new home percentage with garages has increased from 84% to the 91% today. Garage doors are definitely in demand and will continue to be requested.

Garage door manufacturers typically work with installers and service providers to distribute their product across the country. Today major garage door manufacturer’s include: Martin Door, Amarr, Wayne Dalton, and Clopay. When choosing a garage door for your home, it is best to go with an installation company that has strong relationships with multiple manufacturers that can show you the pros and cons for each of those manufacturers.

Accent Garage Doors is one such garage door sales, service, and installation company. Accent Garage Doors enjoys 24 years of premier and unparalleled service across the Wasatch Front. From South Ogden to South Jordan, Layton to Lehi, and Orem to Ogden, Accent Garage Doors stands ready to help you. Accent Garage Doors does all things garage doors. Give us a call for more information.

When you think garage doors, think Accent Garage Doors.

Congratulations to Garrett Bolles!

Today we congratulate former employee, Garrett Bolles, local Snow College and University of Utah football star on his first round selection in the 2017 NFL draft. Garrett was selected 20th overall to join the Denver Broncos.

garret bolles denver broncos

Garrett epitomizes the story of one who has preserved, overcame much, and will continue to make a difference wherever he goes. We are grateful for his work and effort on behalf of Accent Garage Doors. Garrett worked at the company for two years. We applaud him and congratulate him.

We are proud to call Garrett one of ours as a former employee and look forward to cheering him on as NFL star in the upcoming years. We wish him and Natalie the absolute best.

Each day we are also proud of all of our employees and their day in and day out contribution in the homes of all of customers.

Accent Garage Doors is a Wasatch front based garage door sales, service, and installation company. We do all things relating to garage doors. Give us a call for assistance with all of your garage door needs.

When you think Garage Doors, think Accent Garage Doors.