Thanks To You

thanksgivingNamed after the famed gathering of the Puritans, pilgrims, and in some cases Native Americans with a celebration of comradery, understanding, and friendship in the early 1600s, Plymouth in the modern

Gratitude on Veteran’s Day

veterans-day-garage-doorOn this Monday November 12, we recognize the brave women and men who have given so much for the rights and privileges that we enjoy as Americans. Grateful we are to the many who served in our country'

Prepare Your Garage for Winter

winterize-garage-doorIt's November and the fall season is in full session. As the temperatures start to cool, now is a great time to prepare for the cold, by winterizing your home and for that matter your garage door. Yes

Keeping Children Safe around Garage Doors

safety children garage doorsGarages can be fun places for kids even as kids are now back in school for the fall. Parents know that kids like to get into the best of places and perhaps the worst of places also. However, garages c

What to Do if You Are Stuck Inside the Garage

stuck inside garageWhat should you do if the power is out and the garage door will not open automatically? Is it time to panic? No. Follow these simple steps to open and close your garage door manually with confidenc