Give the Gift of a Garage Door

gift idea garage doorA garage door is a great gift this holiday season as it is one that will be continually used and one that will be appreciated for years to come. With 24 years of experience, Accent Garage Doors enj

How to Open a Garage Door Manually

open garage door manuallyWhat should you do if the power is out and the garage door will not open automatically? Is it time to panic? No. Following these simple steps you can open and close your garage door manually with c

A Day of Gratitude

thanksgivingDerived from the great gathering of Puritans, pilgrims, and in some cases, Native Americans with a celebration of comradery, understanding, and friendship in the early 1600s, Plymouth in modern-day Ma

Celebrating Veterans Day

veterans-dayObserved on Friday, November 10, we recognize the brave women and men who have given so much for the rights and privileges that we enjoy as Americans. We recognize that during these times how importan

Is it Time for New Garage Door Springs?

garage door springsAs the colors change and temperatures move from hot to cold once again during this fantastic fall season, garage door springs can and do break down. The following questions and answers will provide yo