High Temperatures Make for Sweltering Garages

High Temperature Garage

Summer vacation may be the best time of year for children, and a great time for parents to bond with their children. It may feel like summer is over, but as we approach September with your little ones preparing to go back to school, you still want to make sure that you are exercising safety in and around your garage.

The average high temperature in Salt Lake City for August is around 90 degrees. Since many garages in Utah are not insulated, they do not have HVAC systems to moderate the temperature. Blistering heat outside can be trapped in your garage. This can prove to be hazardous to one’s health with any extended period of time spent in the garage.

Keeping Children Safe

As parents are well aware, children are particularly susceptible to the heat. Any extended period of time in the garage with extreme heat can be potentially dangerous. If you are working in the garage, make sure the door is open and you have easy access to water. Periodically take a break from the heat, and spend some time indoors.

More importantly, remember that the garage door is the largest moving part in your home. Garage doors can easily weigh more than an average sized man. This can be risky if you have kids playing around the garage door. Safety mechanisms on garage doors help, but should not be considered a catch all for safety. Always monitor small children around the garage door, and teach them not to play on or around it.

Maintenance for Accident Prevention

As you consider ways to better maintain the safety, of your home, please consider a 20-point checkup and tune-up courtesy of Accent Garage Doors. We can ensure that the garage door is operating properly and help reduce any potential safety challenge in your home. We can install an insulated door to help moderate temperatures in your garage.

When you think garage doors, think Accent Garage Doors! To make sure that your garage door is operating in the safest manner possible, please give us a call at 801-898-3667. We quickly identify any potential safety hazards in your garage door system, and fix them.