Garage Door Tracks Matter ― Make Sure You Have the Right Ones

Garage Door Tracks Your garage door may take center stage, but tracks that are properly fitted to the dimensions and weight of the door and the style of your home are essential to the entire system’s function. Gar

Replacing a Single Garage Door Panel

When you have a broken garage door panel, it does not do much to improve your curb appeal or increase your home’s security. Garage door repairs should not be put off, especially if the damage is

How to Choose Your Garage Door Style

What garage door style is going to fit your home best? According to Remodeling magazine, homeowners recoup around 80 percent of their garage door investment in home resale value. While revamping t

Does Your Garage Door Need Weatherstripping?

Garage Door Weatherstripping Outfitting your garage door with weatherstripping can lower your heating and cooling costs, prevent damage to the door and guard against unwanted moisture. Is the seal surrounding your garage door

Dented Garage Door: What Should You Do?

Installing a new garage doorWhen you have a dented garage door, you may be prone to panicking. No matter how the damage occurred, all you can think about is the potentially major repair bill required to restore your door to its