Summer Is Not a Vacation for Your Garage Door

summer garage doorFor children all across Utah, summer vacation is arriving. Happy summer vacation to all! As children get excited for the last days of school, some parents may be antsy about having them home all da

Garage Door Opener Wi-Fi Enabled? Yes, Please!

Garage Door with Wi-FiAs technology has improved and enhanced nearly every aspect of our lives, it has even gone to the traditional industries that you may have not considered years ago. Smart homes and smart devices make

Market Report: Garage Door Manufacturing

garage door manufacturingIBIS World indicates that as of February 2017 the garage door manufacturing industry totaled $4 billion across the United States. Demand from 2012 to 2017 grew at 6.6% with future prospects looking pr

Congratulations to Garrett Bolles!

garret bolles denver broncosToday we congratulate former employee, Garrett Bolles, local Snow College and University of Utah football star on his first round selection in the 2017 NFL draft. Garrett was selected 20th overall to

Electric Garage Door Opener Technology

Garage_door_openerIn 1776 there was the shot heard around the world commencing the Revolutionary War, in 1944 there was D-Day, and in 1926 there was the invention of the electric garage door opener. The first two ex