Keeping Your Family Safe Near Garage Doors

Like many features of a house, there are some safety risks associated with garage doors, even if they’re put in place by the best garage door installation company. That’s why garage doors typicall

Automatic Garage Doors are Essential for People With Disabilities

Customers who have installed an automatic garage door tell us what a huge difference it makes in their lives. "I should have done this much sooner!" many say. They love the convenience-no going outsid

Should I Automate or Replace My Garage Door?

There’s no question about it: an automated garage door is much more desirable than one you have to physically open and close. Garage door improvement might not be high on homeowners’ lists until t

Wood or Steel For Your Garage Door?

Homebuyers like to see homes with garages and builders are happy to accommodate them. Whether you're looking for a home with a garage fit to store boxes and bikes in, or looking to install a carport s

An Overview of David O. Martin Garage Doors

The David O. Martin Collection is the top-line offering from Martin Garage Doors, one of the oldest garage door manufacturers in the world and renowned for design, safety, and ecological innovations.