Happy Spring! Ready for Remodeling?

springtime garage doorSpring has begun! Officially, spring began last month on March 20. Spring is a special time for nearly everyone, it is the resurgence of hope, and excitement for the season ahead. Spring means a lot o

Time to Think About a New Garage Door!

Time to Think About a New Garage Door!With springtime just around the corner, it's time to think about new projects around the house. It's also time to think about getting the most out of your home reinvestment projects. US News reports t

Why Are Garage Door Springs Important?

garage door springsExtreme weather can cause our common household appliances and more specifically garage doors to need a little extreme care and at times may require maintenance. This month, with temperatures slowly g

Be Careful Out There

careful-garage-door-maintenanceWith winter in full swing, weather-related accidents can happen. Although summer is the deadliest time of year for vehicle-related accidents perhaps due to the sheer volume of vehicles on the road, wi

Safety First: Garage Doors Are Heavy

garage door safety firstGarages can be fun places for kids. In the winter they can be places where kids play to avoid going outside. For those of us who have kids we know that kids like to get into the best of places and per