Prepare Your Garage for Winter

It’s November and the fall season is in full session. As the temperatures start to cool, now is a great time to prepare for the cold, by winterizing your home and for that matter your garage door. Yes, your garage door. Without being properly winterized, garage doors allow ice cold air to come inside unimpeded.

Living along the Wasatch front, snow, ice, and freezing rain can creep into your garage wreaking havoc. Without proper sealing insects and other pesky critters can get in. Now is the time to protect your garage door.


Check Garage Door Insulation

Even if you have an insulated garage door, insulation can lose its effect over time. It’s important to check on it before winter is in full gear. Insulation degrades over time, and garage door seals and weatherstripping can lose their ability to keep out cold air and moisture.

Typically foam board is the most common type of insulation for garage doors working for nearly all types. Insulation is measured in r-value with a higher value representing a better solution. Typically the foam board has anywhere between an r-value from 3 to 6. If your garage door is steel, you can use any type of insulation.

Insulation will provide benefits to keeping cold air out but if there are gaps around the garage door cold air, snow, rain, and bugs can get in. garage door seals and weatherstripping can close the gaps to insulate your garage more effectively.

Perform Routine Maintenance

Before installing insulation or assessing your garage door, a little routine maintenance can make a significant difference. Metal moving parts should be lubricated regularly throughout the year, but it’s even more important to keep them gliding easily along when the cold weather comes. Try to use a lubricant that is specifically designed for garage doors.

You can certainly winterize your garage door as a do-it-yourself project. If you would prefer an experienced professional to assist you there, Accent Garage Doors stands ready to help you.

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