“Trick” Out Your Garage for Halloween


Your residential garage is the trick this year for all things ghoulish and ghostly. Forget the walkway, front yard and entry door—kids expect haunts and creepers in those old stand-bys. If you really want to shake things up this year and score the title of scariest house on the block, it’s all about the garage. Whether you want to spook up your garage for a party or invite trick-or-treaters to walk through it, the garage is already featured in horror movies and notorious for housing spiders. It’s just asking for a macabre makeover.

First, the boring stuff: With stranger danger and urban legends about razor blades hidden in trick-or-treat candy (not true—not even once), inviting the neighborhood kids to walk through an actual haunted house isn’t safe for you and you likely won’t get many takers. A garage, on the other hand, is relatively “open” to the outside and a lot more comfortable for you and guests alike.

Garage Massacre Part XIII: In Theaters Soon!

Start by keeping the garage door locked in an open position and covering it with an opaque cloth. Test the sensors many times before Halloween to ensure no glitches will happen or that little ones won’t be hurt by a faulty sensor. Make sure the door leading to the house is locked so nobody wanders inside. Clear out the garage as much as possible, cover anything you can’t move, like shelving, with a black cloth, and make sure there are zero tripping hazards. Also keep in mind that anything of value that’s easy to grab ‘n’ go should be locked inside—or else the trick might be on you.

Offer just enough light so that people of all ages can make their way through the mapped-out Ghastly Garage. Be wary of strobe lights (they can cause epileptic seizures) and instead choose dim lighting such as orange holiday lights. Glowing arrows on the floor help direct traffic. An easy and fun idea is to set up tables where guests feel gross things like “eyeballs” (grapes) or “intestines” (cold noodles). If you’re feeling particularly generous, you can make it so each “correct” guess, whether it’s a brain or a severed finger, garners a mini treat from you.

Leave Room for a Sequel

Safety should be your first priority. If you think things might get too busy, assign someone to only let in a certain amount of people at a time (dressed to kill, of course). Remember fog machines can cause issues for those with asthma, lung issues or allergies. However, the biggest horrific cliffhanger is to have fun. And remember: A good scare when exiting the garage puts the wee in Halloween—hopefully in a girlish scream and not in a puddle on the garage floor.