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Wayne Dalton: Carriage House

Model 9700

Choosing a garage is no easy task. You want a garage with enough storage to keep all of your possessions safe but you don’t want a garage that’s too big as it’ll take up too much of your outdoor space. The best way to decide on what size garage you need is to think about what you’re going to put in this new space. Is it going to be for family cars, or it could possibly be a man cave? Perhaps you a skilled laborer who works from home and needs a new studio? Prefab garages are great garages if you require a lot of space to work.

Once you’ve decided how big you’d like your garage, then it’s time to this about its exterior appearance and design. That means carefully considering colors, doors, and materials. It’s likely that you’re going to have to see this exterior building every day and the last thing you want is for it to look like an eyesore.

Wayne Dalton’s steel garage door Model 9700 is stylish and versatile, offering a wide variety of carriage house designs, large windows, and multiple colors or stain options. These garage doors feature pinch-resistant door panels and are fully insulated with an R-Value of 10*. Continue reading

David O. Martin Collection- Athena

The Stunningly Modern Garage Door

The Athena model uses a contemporary combination of heavy-duty extruded aluminum metal and glass panels to create a stunning and unique piece for your home. This beautiful door is also low-maintenance, providing a perfect, long-term solution for your home. Continue reading

Select Collection- Signature

Distinctive Appeal — Value with a Carriage House Twist

The Signature model offers a unique carriage house style combined with Martin’s hallmark durability and quality. These quiet, low-maintenance garage doors are the match for your home’s exterior. Continue reading

Wood Collection- Chalet

A Distinctive, Wood-Look Door, Without the Upkeep

The Chalet model is assembled using full composite wood overlays. The end result is a beautiful Martin garage door that looks like wood but requires much less maintenance. Continue reading