Electric Garage Door Opener Technology

In 1776 there was the shot heard around the world commencing the Revolutionary War, in 1944 there was D-Day, and in 1926 there was the invention of the electric garage door opener.

The first two examples clearly stand out as significant moments in American history, but for anyone who is the garage door industry, the electric garage door opener propelled the industry forward.

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Electric Openers Come Into Fashion

In 1926, inventor C.G. Johnson created the electric garage door opener. Following the birth of suburban communities across the United States post second World War in the 1940s and 1950s the overhead garage door opener gained significant traction making life easier for Americans coming and going home.

Today around 80% of homes nationally include at least a single-car garage, and some 20% of newly constructed homes include three-car garages. Given a garage’s convenience, in many cases, it serves as the equivalent of today’s front door for many families. Some families will move into a new home with a basic garage door and want to have it adapted so it can be electrical, making it easier for them during those colder months where leaving the car to open a massive metal door is not a great feeling. They can contact a Sunshine electrical company to help them with the wiring or they can go more local and specific with an electric garage door company to have it installed. An electrician can be called back for a wiring check or a fix if there is an issue, but it all depends on how it is built and what the family wants.

Along with that, wall cracks, damaged roofs, and broken floors could be some of the problems that people often present in a new home. In order to solve them, home renovation could be one of the preferred solutions. Hiring professional and reputed companies like Easy Renovation might be a way to start home renovations. They might be able to detect and rectify most of the problems of a home. When people move to a new home, the wirings inside the houses and garages are often out of date or stained to supply, or they have an ever-growing collection of electricity-hungry appliances, lighting, and electronics, whether in their garage, kitchens, or bathrooms. Some wiring problems are just inconveniences. Others, on the other hand, can cause serious fire or electrocution hazards. However, the residents are advised not to meddle around or repair it on their own. For such related problems, the expertise of technicians is required. They might have the necessary tools and equipment to carry out these tasks. For instance, when you are listing of it, a few of them could be voltage indicators, insulated screwdrivers, gloves for their personal safety, multi-functional tester, and so on. They might come fully prepared to handle any kind of repairs. Therefore, it is better to make use of services offered by professionals before you start residing in the house that you have bought.

Also, if you’re buying a house (especially one that’s over 50 years old), or if you’ve never had your wiring inspected, it’s a good idea to hire a licensed electrician to thoroughly inspect your home and electric garage. You can always go looking for an electrician nearby, or simply search the web with keywords like ‘Electrician Ashburton‘ or the location you live in, and you’ll be fine.

3 Substantial Benefits

New garage door openers may not be at the top of mind for a home improvement projects, but if you’ve lived with a manual garage door opener for years, you may want to consider these three benefits electric garage door openers can bring.

  • Photo eyes: The photo eye is a pair of sensors on either side of the garage door that is connected with a light beam. If the sensor goes off, the door will not close. This will protects you from the garage door close. This safety feature alone should be enough to install an electric garage door opener.
  • Remote: The benefit of a remote is clear. Now you don’t have to get out of your car to open the door. You won’t have to worry about the keys to lose or share to open up your manual garage door. This can certainly save you time on cold or hot days.
  • Light: An electronic garage door opener system also comes with a light that automatically goes on when you activate it to open the door. This makes it easier to get into your home at night and can deter potential theft at your home.

For safety, convenience, and efficiency, it’s hard to beat the electric garage door opener. With 24 years of experience, Accent Garage Doors, a Utah based company specializes in garage door repair, installation, and ongoing service. To get that electric garage door opener, please give us a call at 801-898-3667. We stand ready to help you.

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