Garage Door Openers

If you’re using a motorized garage door in your Salt Lake City home, chances are you use a garage door opener. These mechanisms, typically operated by a switch or a remote control, have an average life span of 10 to 15 years. But if you have an older model, it might be prudent to replace it with one that features increased security, safety and other advantages.

Residential garage doors are opened and closed at least 1,500 times a year, on average. This means that your garage door openers are crucial to the safety and functionality of not just your garage, but also your home. After all, your garage door is an important access point into and out of your home. Thus, garage door openers need periodic maintenance to ensure their safe and efficient operation.

For proper garage door opener maintenance, turn to Accent Garage Doors. We are the trusted provider of reliable garage door services, including garage door opener installation and maintenance, in Salt Lake City, Utah and the surrounding areas.

Types of Garage Door Openers

There are four main types of garage door openers:

  • Chain Drive – This model is generally the lowest-priced. This is also best for properties with a garage detached from the house because the chain that drives the trolley that raises and lowers the door can be noisy.
  • Belt Drive – This type of garage door opener uses a rubber belt to move the trolley. Belt drive garage door openers do not make much noise and are generally low maintenance, so they’re suitable for any type of structure.
  • Screw Drive – Screw-driven garage door openers use a threaded steel rod to move the trolley. Like belt drives, screw-driven openers suit any type of building.
  • Direct Drive – The least complicated of all types of door openers, direct-driven ones use a motor to move the trolley. There’s no belt, chain or threaded piece, resulting in a smooth and quiet opener that barely requires maintenance.

Repairing Garage Door Openers

Garage door openers work hard to lift heavy garage doors; as such, this leaves them subject to occasional breakdowns, no matter how heavy-duty or low-maintenance they are. The remote control or switch might stop working, the opener may fail to close the garage door all the way or the garage door might not open during the winter.

If you encounter any of these problems, contact Accent Garage Doors in Salt Lake City. You need technicians to professionally evaluate your garage door so you can prevent any accidents or further damage.

Additionally, the DIY route to garage door repair is not advisable, as it is not only difficult but can also be dangerous. After all, your garage door has numerous moving parts and easily weighs over 100 pounds.

Opener Models at Accent Garage Doors

As Salt Lake City’s leading garage door service provider, we offer a range of affordable and reliable garage door openers and services. We can repair, replace or install your garage door opener, whether it be in your own home or at another establishment you own.

Among the brands and units we carry are:

Accent Garage Doors is Your Garage’s Best Friend

If you need a new garage door opener or want your current one repaired, contact Accent Garage Doors now. We offer a variety of garage door services, including repair, replacement and installation of garage doors and their parts. We’re also Salt Lake City’s VIP distributor of top-of-the-line Martin Garage Doors.