Garage Door Opener Repair

Salt Lake City Broken Garage Door Opener Repair

The automatic garage door opener is a modern marvel, changing the lives of homeowners everywhere. Once upon a time, people were forced to exit their vehicle in the rain, snow and dark of night, wrestling open hundreds of pounds of metal rolling doors just to access their garage. Today, thankfully, none of that is necessary. Unless your automatic opener fails, that is. Accent Garage Door is the leading expert in broken garage door opener repair and replacement in Salt Lake City, UT and surrounding communities, helping homeowners and businesses overcome overhead door challenges for more than 20 years.

Garage Door Opener repair

The Dangers of a Broken Door Opener for Utah Homes

The most obvious danger is the electricity used to power your automatic opener. Electricity is never safe for do-it-yourself repairs, and this is no exception. The safety sensors required for today’s equipment protect your family and your vehicle, preventing the door from closing unexpectedly or crushing anything that crosses its path. If the sensors or reversing mechanism fails, injury and damage can result.

Automatic garage openers also offer an exceptional level of security, which disappears if the unit malfunctions. Your vehicles, tools, and other valuable items are at risk and unwanted entry into your home becomes a real possibility. Likewise, a lost or stolen remote control leaves you vulnerable to hackers, home invaders, and criminals of all sorts.

Potential Causes of Automatic Opener Failure

Although there are many reasons why your unit may malfunction, some common causes include electrical problems, worn sprockets or gears, antenna failure, loose connections, sensor blockage or electronic circuitry. Wall switches, remote controls and lights are another common area of vulnerability. Few of these are easily identified by sight, requiring high-tech diagnostic equipment and fully trained service professionals for troubleshooting. Accent Garage Doors knows the importance of quickly identifying the problem and having it repaired, restoring your family’s security and peace of mind.

Automatic Door Opener Replacement

On occasion, some older systems simply cannot be repaired. In that case, Accent Garage Doors offers the best garage door opener lines at affordable prices. Lift Master, IntelliG, Marantec and Genie are just a few of their specialty offerings. These revolutionary new systems are more reliable and energy efficient, and have a much longer life than previous generations of garage door openers. Particularly valuable are the technologically advanced security features, virtually guaranteeing that hackers can’t access your home through your automatic opener system. Some new models even offer programmable “Smart” technology, accessible via your smart phone or tablet.

The first signs of trouble are usually excessive noise during operation and sporadic system failure. Electronic components don’t occasionally falter unless a bigger problem is coming. If you suspect an impending problem with your automatic overhead door system, contact Accent Garage Doors for a professional evaluation. A maintenance service call today may help you avoid a costly broken garage door repair later.