Garage Door Springs

The springs are arguably one of the more vital parts relating to the proper functioning of a garage door. These springs are wound tightly, with extreme tension, so that your Salt Lake City home’s garage door can open and close with ease. They take a heavy load and they work to distribute the weight of a garage door evenly, to avoid unnecessary wear and tear.

Because the springs must work hard to keep your garage door functioning, they’re among the components that most often require repair or replacement. Therefore, you should be aware of which type of spring your garage door uses, to make replacement or repair easier.

Types of Garage Door Springs

A lot of garage door springs fall into one of two categories: extension or torsion.

Extension Springs

These are coiled springs with hooks at the ends that are exposed in a garage door system. You can easily see extension springs as they stretch when you open your garage door. If your garage door is too heavy, the spring may break from being overstretched.

Torsion Springs

Torque or torsion springs sit in the header of your garage door, parallel to the ground. These springs coil and twist around a shaft and use a winding and unwinding motion to open your garage door. Unlike extension springs, torsion springs do not stretch, so they do not break. However, these springs need to be replaced when your garage door feels heavy upon opening; this is a sign that the torsion spring can no longer support the weight of the door anymore.

Repairing Broken Springs

garage door installation salt lake city utahWhen your garage door springs in Salt Lake City break, it can be dangerous. If your garage door springs break, rely on Accent Garage Doors’ spring repair services in Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas.

Repair and replacement of broken springs requires the attention of trained professionals such as the expert technicians at Accent Garage Doors. With rapid response times, professional inspection and reliable garage door spring repair services in Salt Lake City, our team can help ensure your safety and satisfaction.