Garage Door Installation

Among the biggest factors that affect your home’s value is its curb appeal. A dominant part of this view is your garage door, which can make up as much as 30% of your home’s exterior. A poorly chosen garage door will negatively impact your home’s curb appeal, and therefore, your home’s value.

That is why your garage door should beautifully complement your home’s architecture and reflect your personal taste. Since it’s one of the most frequently used doors in a home, it’s also important to choose a garage door that’s functional and sturdy.

Our Options for Your Garage Door Installation

Accent Garage Doors provides garage door installation in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas. Our award-winning garage doors have beautified and improved many of Utah’s residential and commercial buildings. As a VIP distributor of Martin Garage Doors and several other brands, you’ll easily find a garage door that will complement your home’s exterior.

Our garage door collections include:

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This collection of reliable and charming garage doors stands the test of time. It’s available in a variety of colors and window and panel styles, so you’ll add lasting beauty to your home by choosing from the Steel Collection.

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Want a distinctive, rustic vibe? The Wood Collection is perfect for you. These wood-look garage doors are assembled using composite wood overlays or composite over wood-grain steel. The result is a wood-like finish which requires a lot less maintenance than a real wooden garage door.

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From classic carriage house style to an all-glass modern door, the David O. Martin line of garage doors features beautiful, hand-crafted creations made from heavy-duty extruded aluminum or copper. These doors are long-lasting and require minimal maintenance.

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Incomparable safety and function without sacrificing style and elegance are hallmarks of every Martin Garage Door we carry. With Classic, Premium or Elite, you’ll have a garage door that improves your property’s curb appeal.

In Need of Garage Door Repair Services?

All our garage doors are manufactured with longevity, safety and beauty in mind, so you can trust in the installation of these doors at your Salt Lake City home. If you have a garage door that has suffered damage or stopped working, turn to us for garage door repair services. Apart from garage door installation in Salt Lake City, we also offer the following services:

You may think that because garage doors are huge, you’d have to spend thousands of dollars to have yours repaired. But the average garage door repair cost is $274, and with Accent Garage Doors, you’ll surely get your money’s worth.

Call Us for Your Salt Lake City Garage Door Replacement

At Accent Garage Doors, we do everything to meet and even exceed your expectations. We guarantee that the garage doors you’ll get from us are beautiful and functional, serving your garage door needs in more ways than one. And you’ll also get dependable repairs and efficient customer service.

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